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     A unique NATURAL solution to THICKER FULLER HAIR!


      Results seen within 4wks -3mos, with no down time

  • Increases the diameter of the hair shaft 30-60%

  • Increases the number of hairs from the follicle (3-4mos)

  • NO Hormones

  • Aids in removal of dead cells from around the follicles

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases circulation /blood flow to the area

  • Increases cytokeratin-15 expression (in vitro)

Recommended  treatment schedule

  • Appt 1

  • Appt 2 is 1 month after Appt 1

  • Appt 3 is 1 month after Appt 2

  • Appt 4 is 4mos after Appt 3

For optimal results 4-6 in office treatments recommended




  1. PER Treatment: *Includes in office treatment & 1 bottle of daily serum          $399.00

    1. Additional bottles of daily serum are $130.00

  2. Package-6mo treatment plan:

Includes 4 in office treatments and 6 bottles of daily serums $1740.00


Contact our office for more information, a consultation and /or contraindications.

                 Prices are subject to change

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