What to Expect at Your First Visit

The goal of the first visit is to spend the time necessary to gather all the information necessary to thoroughly understand your health needs. Therefore, your first visit will include a comprehensive, detailed medical history, including an evaluation of external social and environmental factors that may be influencing your health. After analyzing all of this information, your doctor will perform an appropriate physical examination and recommend any further testing that might be necessary to help fully evaluate your concerns. With your input, your doctor will then develop a treatment plan customized to your precise needs, and answer all of your questions.


Natura Medica is committed to make each and every visit a comfortable and relaxing experience where your health concerns are addressed completely and thoroughly. To facilitate that process, we ask that you come prepared for your first visit in four specific ways:

1) Please fill out our detailed intake form prior to the first visit

2) Plan to spend about 90 minutes at Natura Medica, a full hour of which will be spent face to face with your doctor.

3) Please bring all prescription medications, vitamins, and supplements you take, in their bottles, as well as your completed intake form and insurance information (if applicable).

4) Please bring copies of recent laboratory results, diagnostic imaging results and biopsy results related to your health concerns.

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