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At Natura Medica, we provide primary care medical services with a holistic, natural approach to healing. As one of our patients, you will receive the highest level of health care available. We take the time to understand the underlying causes of your health problems and develop a treatment plan that corrects the underlying the imbalance rather than simply suppresses your symptoms. These treatments therefore not only help you feel healthier and happier in the short

term, we also help you avoid invasive and potentially dangerous medical procedures and drug treatments by preventing future illnesses. Don't wait until you are suffering irreversible disease damage to find out how naturopathic and homeopathic medicine can benefit you.




Good nutrition is a vital component of optimal health maintenance. Unfortunately, we are inundated with nutritional advice from many sources, including the media, food packaging labels, friends, family and doctors. Much of this advice is often confusing, contradictory, and of suspect validity. At Natura Medica, the practice of Clinical Nutrition utilizes the latest scientific knowledge and applies it to the individual's unique health issues to optimize function. read more

Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine, also known as herbal medicine, is the use of the medicinal properties of plants to assist the body's natural healing mechanisms. These medicinal properties can be used to treat both acute and chronic illnesses as well as to enhance optimal function. read more


Homeopathy is a natural holistic healing method that has been practiced worldwide for over 200 years. It is a gentle yet powerful healing process, which functions by recognizing and working with the dynamic and sturdy recuperative powers innate in the human organism. read more

Lifestyle Counseling

It is well-known that diet, exercise, and stress all impact health, quality of life, and longevity. The question, is, "how exactly?" By understanding the unique needs of each individual's health, abilities, social environment, life goals and time commitments, and combining those factors with the latest scientific information, we provide specific and customized guidance for lifestyle modifications that will dramatically impact your ability to enjoy life, and help you create habits that maximize long term health. read more

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