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Lifestyle Counseling

It is well-known that diet, exercise, and stress all impact health, quality of life, and longevity. The question, is, "how exactly?" By understanding the unique needs of each individual's health, abilities, social environment, life goals and time commitments, and combining those factors with the latest scientific information, we provide specific and customized guidance for lifestyle modifications that will dramatically impact your ability to enjoy life, and help you create habits that maximize long term health.

Most of us know that we should increase our physical activity. But how best to do that? Join a gym? Walk at lunchtime? Start a yoga class? Which will be most beneficial? There is no one right answer. The answer depends on the person's health needs, life situation, and even personality. Part of the reason so many people end up "failing" to exercise is because they're trying to force themselves to do a program that doesn't actually fit their needs. Our doctors will work with you to develop a plan which sustainable meets your individual health needs and goals.

Another critical part of health maintenance that many people find confusing and overwhelming is stress management. Managing stress does not mean completely eliminating stress: as long as we are alive, different stressors will affect our bodies and souls. How we respond to both high and low stress situations fundamentally impacts not only our mental and 

emotional health, but also our physical health, all via the hormonal and neurological mechanisms that our bodies use to sustain life. By improving your ability to cope with stress with medicines that improve physiologic functioning and teaching body-mind skills which reduce the level of stress you experience, we can help you improve your health and quality of life.

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