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Good nutrition is a vital component of optimal health maintanance. Unfortunately, we are inundated with nutritional advice from many sources, including the media, food packaging labels, friends, family and doctors. Much of this advice is often confusing, contradictory, and of suspect validity. At Natura Medica, the practice of clinical nutrition utilizes the latest scientific knowledge and applies it to the individual's unique health issues to optimize function. When working with our physicians, you will learn what is the

ideal diet for you (which may be different from your best friend's ideal diet), and you will learn which supplements might be necessary for you because of your unique biochemistry.

There are certain nutritional guidelines that apply to almost everyone: for example, we all need a diet rich in vegetables and low in sugar to maintain health. However, more specific questions such as, "how much protein should I eat?" and, "how much magnesium do I need?" can have drastically different answers for different people. After analyzing your symptoms and test results, your doctor will guide you to making the right choices for your health, and help you implement a plan to make any necessary changes to your diet.

For some people, dietary change is not enough to compensate for long standing deficiencies or inefficient use of certain nutrients by the body, and nutritional supplementation is necessary. In this case, your doctor will determine your personal "required daily allowance" (RDA) for supplementing via testing and analysis of your symptoms, and teach you what benefits you should expect to experience by taking the supplement. Because the optimum doses may change over time, it is important to re-evaluate the supplements you are taking on a regular basis.

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